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All Ceramic Dental Crowns in Enfield

close-up of dental crownIf you have old crowns on your teeth, they’re probably made out of gold, silver, or another metal. For decades, such materials were favored by dentists because they are so strong and tend to last for many years. However, gold and silver don’t blend in with the teeth around them; they’re an obvious sign that you’ve had some dental work done, and they may even make you self-conscious about your appearance.

At Four Town Dental, we’re proud to offer all ceramic crowns in Enfield. They are an attractive alternative to traditional metal restorations.

The Advantages of All Ceramic Crowns

woman with beautiful smileDental ceramic, which is oftentimes simply called porcelain, is a biocompatible compound that is specifically engineered for use in dentistry. Its primary advantage is its appearance; porcelain reflects light in a way that is similar to that of natural teeth. It also comes in a variety of white and yellow shades so your dentist can design a restoration that is as close in color as possible to the teeth around it. Once the crown is in place, onlookers may have no idea that you’ve had some dental work done.

All ceramic dental crowns in Enfield look better than even porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns. PFM restorations have a metal base with a porcelain overlay. While these crowns are quite strong, it is sometimes possible to see the metal through the outer layer of porcelain.

Here are a few more advantages of all ceramic crowns:

Caring for All-Ceramic Crowns

woman brushing teethAfter your crown is in place, we hope you’ll find that caring for it is easy! Here are a few tips to help your restoration last as long as possible:

The Process for Getting an All Ceramic Crown

happy male dental patient If you need a crown to protect or restore a weakened tooth, you can look forward to a simple installation process. Here is an overview of the basic steps you can expect to go through:

You wear a temporary crown until your permanent one arrives. When it does, you return to our office so we can attach it with a special dental cement.

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